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Best Places To Visit In Fresno, California

Below is our list of best places to visit & things to do in California

Best Places to go in Fresno California

Arte Americas

Arte Americas Frenso California

Everyone interested in professional development should visit Arte America.

The Valley’s most influential non-profit Latino cultural center is located here.

In 1910, Nellie C. Short and Frank H. Short built a beautiful house they lived in for many years.

Spending the day at the 10,000-square-foot exhibit, accomplishment, lecture, and meeting rooms of Fresno’s Latino community is a pleasant experience.

As a modest one-room office, Arte Americas was born in 1987.

The neighbourhood and a Community Outreach and Development Program helped make this possible in 1995.

Latino artists, such as painters, animators, musicians, storytellers, and photographers, exhibit their work here.

At La Plazita, a neighbouring venue, visitors may enjoy live music on Friday nights throughout the summer months.

Indulge in a taste of Latino culture at the gallery and its many meeting, educational, and performance spaces!

It is a must-read for anybody interested in the history and culture of this particular ethnic group.

Address: 1630 Van Ness Ave, Fresno, CA 93721, United States

Art Museum

Fresno Art Museum Fresno

Fresno Art Museum Fresno / David Prasad / Flickr

The Fresno Art Museum, established by local artists, is a must-see attraction in the Golden State.

After its construction in 1960, the American Association of Museums awarded its accreditation in 1973.

Established in the 1940s, it has become a popular destination for art enthusiasts from all over the United States.

The Art Museum’s permanent collection includes more than 3,600 works of art in various mediums, including painting, printing, sculpture, and photography.

The museum’s primary focus is modern and folk art from Mexico and the pre-Columbian Americas.

Enjoy a stroll through the museum, stopping to contemplate the many exhibits.

Art classes, seminars, and speeches, to name a few, are provided at this museum for people of all ages and ability levels.

As a museum dedicated to studying the visual arts, the Fresno Art Museum is a must-see for art lovers visiting the city of Fresno in California.

Address: Fresno, California 93703 (2223 N First St.)

Big Fresno Fair

Big Fresno Fair Fresno

Big Fresno Fair Fresno / sami yousif / Flickr

An adventurer’s paradise, this Fresno landmark is a must-see.

Every year, the Central Valley hosts the Big Fresno Fair, which has a wide variety of food, music, and entertainment.

Throughout the two-week event, visitors may see everything from horse racing to animal shows to live music and competitions of all kinds.

Visitors from Central Valley go to the Big Fresno Fair each year.

There are more than 300 venues spread across the city, which generates some revenue for the local economy.

There is a fair to educate Valley residents about the history of agriculture in the region.

The fairground displays take up a substantial portion of the land.

Thanks to the fair’s extensive selection of delectables, you won’t be hungry while visiting the region.

Feathers, fur, and livestock are all represented in the show.

Fresno County’s economic history and agricultural industry are represented in several ways by the big event.

Address: 1121 S Chance Ave, Fresno, CA 93702, United States

Blossom Trail

Fresno Blossom Trail Fresno

Fresno Blossom Trail Fresno / Andy Blackledge / Flickr

You may be interested in taking a vacation in Fresno, California, recognized as a city for its glitz.

The Fresno Blossom Trail is a great place to visit.

Fresno’s fresh fruit orchards on the city’s southeast side come alive with color when spring arrives. The route demonstrates the prosperity of Fresno County.

It captures the tranquillity and serenity of springtime in California.

With its rich soil and richness, this route is a must-see for anybody interested in learning about the city’s thriving agricultural industry.

Explore the Central Valley’s top peach, apple, and apricot trees on this 62-mile driving or bike trip.

The only exception is if you bring a pet; they must be on a leash at all times.

Visitors to the field should visit Simonian Farms, established in 1901 and sells food while providing directions.

Address: Fresno, California 93725, USA

Chaffee Zoo

Fresno Chaffee Zoo Fresno

Fresno Chaffee Zoo Fresno / Daniel Draper / Fresno

You can get some great zoo selfies at Fresno’s Chaffee Zoo!

They haven’t kept any official documents in the past. It appears to have started around 1908, though.

The Fresno Chaffee Zoo, a 39-acre zoological park, is located in Roeding Park.

It was founded in 1929 and officially began operations in 1930.

The zoo recently doubled in size thanks to adding an “African Adventure” section that features elephants, gorillas, cheetahs, and more.

Your children should have as many opportunities as possible to interact with nature.

We highly recommend visiting the adjacent Roeding Park for a fun day in the sun with your entire family.

They’ll like learning about the variety of species and their own stories.

At the zoo, you’ll see up to 190 animals. It is one of the best things to do in Fresno for families on vacation.

Address: 894 W Belmont Ave, Fresno, CA 93728

County Fruit Trail

Fresno County Fruit Trail Fresno

Fresno County Fruit Trail Fresno / Andy Blackledge / Fresno

Visit the Fresno County Fruit Trail for an unforgettable road adventure.

During May, the Fresno Fruit Trail is an excellent substitute for the Blossom Trail.

Visit lovely orchards and try a variety of fresh fruits and veggies on your trip.

Numerous farms on the site sell baked goods, nuts, honey, jams, and fruit. They’re all available for purchase.

By the way, admission is entirely free.

The Fruit Trail serves as a visual and gustatory showcase for the region.

There’s nothing like a classic produce stand in the summertime, and the Fruit Trail is no exception.

Take a self-guided tour through Fresno County, California, fruit orchards to appreciate the area’s beauty, flavour, and history.

You may stop at places like Simonian Farms, wineries, and the School House Restaurant and Tavern as you walk around the area.

Address: Simonian Farms, 2629 S. Clovis Avenue in Fresno, California

Downing Planetarium

Downing Planetarium Fresno California

Definitely worth a trip to Fresno!

Fresno State’s Downing Planetarium is a physics department building on campus.

Educational and fun activities are available for people of all ages at this facility.

Digital projection planetariums, like the one at the Downing, are among the most impressive on the planetarium market.

For those curious about the cosmos and the universe, this is one of the best things to do in Fresno.

The Downing Planetarium is a 74-seat star theater with a 30-foot hemispherical dome.

The planetarium uses a Minolta MS-10 star projector, which can show a movie onto the whole dome.

When used on a clear night, the planetarium’s telescopes will make you feel as if you’ve been transported far beyond the state of California.

The planetarium is also accessible for school field excursions and private events.

Address: 5320 N Maple Avenue, Fresno, CA 93710, USA

Farmers Market

Go To A Farmers Market Fresno

Go To A Farmers Market Fresno / David Prasad / Flickr

You may have a cup of coffee while perusing the local fare available for purchase.

Music, food trucks, and homemade goods fill the streets of Fresno County every week.

It has served Fresno locals and visitors for over 35 years with the best locally grown vegetables and fruits.

Located at Fresno State University, it is easily accessible.

Fresno is a wonderful option for travellers looking for things to do because of its plethora of farmer’s markets. There is no better place to start than the River Park Farmers Market in the Central Valley.

A wide variety of high-quality, locally sourced food and agricultural goods are available at low prices.

The Rue & Gwen Gibson Farm Market is a well-known local name for the Fresno State Farm Market & Wine Shop.

It offers various campus-produced goods, such as almonds, ice cream, wine, and cheddar.

Organic and locally produced ingredients are used in many baked goods, making them delectable treats.

Forestiere Underground Gardens

Forestiere Underground Gardens Fresno

Forestiere Underground Gardens Fresno / Scott HarrisonFollow / Flickr

The Forestiere Underground Gardens in Fresno are a must-see for anybody visiting the Golden State.

Located less than ten miles northwest of downtown, this unique underground museum is a must-see for history buffs.

From 1906 until 1946, a series of subterranean structures called the Forestiere Underground Gardens were built underneath the city of Forestiere, Switzerland. An authentic Fresno hidden gem, I assure you!

This subterranean paradise was Baldassare Forestiere’s objective.

In 1901, he landed in the United States as an immigrant from Sicily. He constructed a secret network of caverns and gardens using the local hardpan solid rock.

There was no predetermined design. Instead, each chamber was developed as the project went on.

Oranges, lemons, and grapefruits are among the wide varieties of fruit trees that may be found here.

One of Fresno’s most odd sights is an underground facility located on West Shaw Avenue.

There are guided tours offered for an hour at a time.

Address: 5021 West Shaw Avenue, Fresno, CA 93722, USA

Grizzlies Minor League Baseball

Fresno Grizzlies Minor League Baseball Fresno

Fresno Grizzlies Minor League Baseball Fresno / Ken Lund / Flickr

If you’re in Fresno, California, don’t miss the Fresno Grizzlies Minor League Baseball games, especially in the downtown area.

In 2002, their home stadium, Chukchansi Park, was completed and opened to the public.

With 72 home games in a year, Fresno’s stadium has become a significant springtime attraction in the downtown area.

Many club members have played in the Major Leagues, earning the squad a large following.

For those who aren’t big sports fans, attending a baseball game, motocross, or music event might still be worthwhile, and there may even be some benefit in doing so if it’s not a game season.

The ballpark offers more than just a stadium, with 33 luxury suites, a full-service bar and restaurant, and a spa and pool area.

All guests may enjoy churro waffles, corn dogs, and ice cream.

Address: 800 Tulare Street in Fresno, California 93721

Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church

Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church Fresno

Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church Fresno / Ron Gilbert / Flickr

If you’re looking for a low-cost and free tourist destination, check out the Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church.

Sacred Armenian place of worship Fresno, California, is home to the Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church.

First Armenian church in the United States to include Armenian architecture and one of the oldest Armenian churches in America

The Armenian community is deeply anchored in this magnificent church in Fresno’s historic downtown. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church was the first of its kind in the United States and the first to be erected in Armenian architectural style.

On July 9, 1913, a fire destroyed the church’s wooden structure and the adjacent hall.

On January 9, 1914, work began on the new building, and it was blessed on December 13, 1914.

The Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church was designed by Lawrence Karekin Cone, the first Armenian architect in the city.

Consequently, the National Register of Historic Places has included it.

Address: 2226 Ventura Avenue, Fresno, California 93721.

Island Waterpark

Island Waterpark Fresno California

The best things to do in California? We’ve got you covered. You can’t go wrong with Island Waterpark!

Near Forestiere Underground Gardens on the city’s northwest edge, you’ll find this charming water park.

There are designated grassy areas in the park where families may build shade shelters for their children.

After Dark Friday night, swimming has been added to the Island Waterpark’s summer schedule.

Every journey is fascinating because of the names of the rides: the Tokyo Typhoon, the Singapore Tsunami, and even the Mumbai Monsoon!

In the summer, cooling off by swimming, sliding down water slides, and gliding in the lazy river is a terrific method.

Visitors can rent a cabana and have a great time with their families.

While you’re there, check out the park’s rides, such as the Bora Bora Racers and the Thrills of Fiji slides.

It’s little wonder that Island Waterpark is a city favourite amongst visitors!

Address: 6099 W Barstow Avenue, Fresno, California

Kearney Mansion Museum

Kearney Mansion Museum Fresno California

The Kearney Mansion Museum has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Two hundred twenty-five acres of parkland surround the Kearney Mansion Museum.

Visitors to the Kearney Mansion Museum can use the museum’s educational resources in various ways, including a museum tour or a picnic on the grounds.

The Kearney Mansion in Fresno is a unique historical property because it was part of “Raisin King” M. Theo Kearney’s architectural concept.

Fireplaces with intricate and brightly coloured scenic motifs are among the items in this collection.

Local materials, Victorian-style stock mouldings, and local craftspeople are to blame for the Kearney Mansion’s aesthetically pleasing appearance and feel.

Over half of the original furnishings, including the art nouveau light fixtures and wallpaper, are on display for guests.

Replicas of missing furniture serve as stand-ins until the originals are found.

Address: Fresno, CA 93706, United States: 7160 W Kearney Blvd.

Meux Home Museum

Meux Home Museum Fresno

Meux Home Museum Fresno / Ben Phillips / Flickr

Check out this home to see the finest Victorian art and architecture examples!

Dr. Thomas Richard Meux, a Civil War soldier and physician, was the brains behind it.

The house is furnished with antiques, and there is a lovely garden as well.

In 1975, the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places and has remained there ever since.

There are 16 rooms to explore, and each one is just as stunning as they were in the 1800s.

The house and grounds are in great shape, and a visit is educational and entertaining.

Docents are available to answer your queries and provide background information on the home’s history.

The house has two floors and a multi-pitched roof.

There’s a lot to see and do at this grand Victorian home. You’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time when you visit the antique furnishings in the building.

Make sure to stroll in its beautiful garden while you’re there.

Address: 1007 R Street, Fresno, CA 93721, USA

Millerton Lake State Recreation Area

Millerton Lake State Recreation Area Fresno

Millerton Lake State Recreation Area Fresno / Rennett Stowe / Flickr

You may also check out the Millerton Lake State Recreation Area if you’re seeking alternative places to go sightseeing.

Fresno is around 15 miles away.

A region 40 miles wide and a lake 40 miles long was essentially “made” when the Friant Dam was finished in 1944.

Fresno may be seen from this location because of its proximity to the city.

There are several places where you may have a barbecue or a family picnic.

A lake trip is one of Fresno’s most fun summer pastimes.

Take a stroll around the lake, cool off in the water, or even hire a boat!

No matter what year, it is a popular vacation spot for families.

It’s possible to fish, swim, and take a boat out on Millerton Lake State Recreation Area.

You can only see bald eagle nesting from a dedicated boat ride on a lake.

Address: CA-145, Friant, CA 93626, United States

Moravia Wines

Moravia Wines Fresno California

In search of the top bars in Fresno? If you’re in the San Joaquin Valley of California and haven’t visited Moravia Wines, you’re missing out.

In 2012, Moravia Wines opened a winery in the San Joaquin Valley to produce award-winning wine from the region’s crops.

During the first two years of operation, the winery began to earn awards, and the company continued to grow.

In the San Joaquin Valley, Moravia Wines is a small vineyard producing award-winning San Joaquin Valley grapes.

It’s a great place to bring the kids and have a picnic and wine while they play in the surroundings.

A trip to a winery would be incomplete without partaking in a variety of wines.

Adding a particular taste to your visit, Moravia Wines does theirs on their heated terrace.

Fresno grapes were the company’s primary focus when it was initially founded, and they have indeed succeeded in terms of flavour and quality.

Address: 3620 N Bishop Ave, Fresno, California 93723, USA


Fresno Philharmonic Fresno

Fresno Philharmonic Fresno / Melissa Wiese / Flickr

The Fresno Philharmonic is the perfect place to unwind after a long day at school, work, or life.

In addition to being the city’s professional symphonic orchestra, the Fresno Philharmonic is one of the region’s most influential art organizations.

Whether it’s a concert or one of the many educational opportunities the Philharmonic offers, its live musical experience will leave visitors spellbound.

Throughout the year, various musical events and activities are available to the public.

For the 2016-2017 season, the Fresno Philharmonic invited six conductors to lead a masterworks concert and compete for the role of music director.

The Philharmonic routinely organizes educational programs in performing arts and music.

Whatever your interests, this is a great place to catch a show or learn more about these activities.

Address: 7170 North Financial Drive, Fresno, California 93720, USA

River Park Shopping Center

River Park Shopping Center Fresno California

In River Park, you may spend all your money! River Park Shopping Center in Fresno pales compared to this one as a destination for retail therapy.

The River Park in Fresno, California, opened over 75 new businesses in 1996. Fresno is located on the northern side of the city, near the Woodward Regional Park in California.

Whether you’re shopping for pleasure or need, it’s a great location to visit.

Grocery stores, a movie theater, and a slew of restaurants make up ‘The Shops at River Park.’The “River Park Plaza” has seen several new businesses pop up in the last several years, including restaurants and a speciality shop.

There’s no better location to shop for goods and services, fashion, sports gear, or household items than River Park Shopping Center. There are approximately 30 restaurants in the area.

River Park Mall is a popular destination for many people, but how do you get there?

If you’re driving, lots of parking spots and public buses routinely travel to the center.

Since then, it has become a popular hangout for the locals!

Address: 71 E Via la Plata, Fresno, CA 93720, United States

Rotary Storyland & Playland Family Amusement Park

Rotary Storyland & Playland Family Amusement Park Fresno California

To have fun with the whole family, visit our Family Amusement Park. Rotary Storyland & Playland, which was opened to the public in 1962, is currently commemorating its 50th anniversary by reopening to the public.

Storyland and Fresno Chaffee Zoo share a space that was first developed as part of the park in 1955.

There are a plethora of kid-friendly activities to choose from.

The Three Little Pigs, Humpty Dumpty, Alice in Wonderland, Mother Goose, and many other fairytale figures come to life in the Fairytale Exhibit.

Tourists may engage in various activities and interact with cast members while touring pirate ships, rocket ships, castles, and cottages in the many shows on offer.

Everyone of any age may choose transportation to suit their needs.

The train to Storyland is even there!

After a multi-year reconstruction effort, the formerly-closed Fresno Amusement Park is again open to the public.

Address: 890 West Belmont Avenue, Fresno, CA 93728, USA

 Save Mart Center

 Save Mart Center Fresno

Save Mart Center Fresno / David Prasad / Flickr

Consider the Save Mart Center as one of the area attractions!

On the California State University campus, the Save Mart Center is a multipurpose facility that opened in 2003.

Sporting events have been held at the multipurpose venue, including ice hockey, wrestling, boxing, and rodeo.

Fresno State’s basketball team plays their home games there at the moment.

Also, Andrea Bocelli gave the first-ever live music event in this location.

The Save Mart Center has hosted a wide range of events, from athletic events to travelling Cirque du Soleil shows to live music concerts.

Producers Dairy Foods’ founder is commemorated with a clock tower that stands 37 meters tall and 13 stories high outside the arena. They made a $3 million donation to help with the building expenditures.

Address: 2650 E Shaw Ave, Fresno, California 93710, USA

St. John’s Cathedral

St. John's Cathedral Fresno

St. John’s Cathedral Fresno / Ben Phillips / Flickr

Remember your time at the chapel by taking selfies in and around it!

Saint John’s Cathedral was built as a Roman Catholic cathedral in 1882 and has been used ever since.

It is the Fresno Diocese’s mother church.

If you do enter, please be respectful of the space’s tranquillity by being silent.

The cathedral’s Gothic Revival style will appeal to architecture buffs.

The cathedral’s rector, Rev. Sal Gonzalez, does an excellent job of preserving the building and delivering moving sermons.

At funerals, baptisms, and weddings, his empathetic personality relaxes families and conveys the word of the Lord.

Unlike many modern churches, this one has a red-brick frontage.

Two square towers frame the front of the structure with spires.

It’s a beautiful and serene worship site because of its stunning architecture, stained glass windows, magnificent altar, and charming Avenue of Saints.

Address: 2814 Mariposa Street in Fresno, California.

Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company Beer Garden

Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company Beer Garden Fresno California

The Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company Beer Garden in Fresno is one of the best places in the city to have a beer.

T-S Brewing Company, founded in 2007, has been producing world-class beers for Fresno residents and tourists since its inception in 2007

In addition, the collection is constantly shifting and evolving.

Award-winning brewmaster Kevin Cox crafts all the beers infused with culture and expertise.

Visitors will find that the brewery does more than just produce beer; it works to preserve and safeguard the natural treasures of the Southern Sierras.

Tortoise complex, gorgeous German Succulent Garden, turtle/koi lake; playground; and lots of space for families to stroll; share a meal; or simply be toddlers!!”

This establishment has a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere, with games like corn hole and foosball to play with other patrons as you sip your beer.

You may generally check out the town’s different microbreweries for a tranquil and laid-back experience.

Take a tour of a Fresno craft brewery and sample some of the area’s best beer!

Address: 745 Fulton Street, Fresno, CA 93721, USA

The Discovery Center

The Discovery Center Fresno California

The Discovery Center in Fresno, California, is likely to be one of the most exciting and unforgettable weekend trips you’ve ever had!

Children interested in science can visit the Fresno Discovery Center, a hands-on facility.

In addition, visitors to the Discovery Center are free to roam the exhibits and engage with them.

It’s all designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

Many subjects are covered here, including botany, geology, electricity, and dinosaurs.

The Discovery Center was founded in 1954 and is one of the country’s oldest science education institutions.

Some topics covered here are Native American basketry, electricity, and magnetization.

As a bonus, the museum has many interactive displays that are sure to pique the interest of young visitors.

As they move about the museum, they’ll be able to discover new objects using their senses.

Address: California, Fresno 93703, 1944 N. Winery Ave., USA

Warnors Theatre

Warnors Theatre Fresno

Warnors Theatre Fresno / Nick Ares / Flickr

Have trouble figuring out what to do in Fresno this evening? The Warnors Theater, a downtown landmark, is open to the public!

The Warnors Theater, a Fresno institution since its inception in 1928, has become a household name.

At one time, it was referred to as the Pantages Theatre.

As a bonus, it contains a 2,100-seat theater with outstanding architectural features that any fan of architecture would adore.

Comedy, Broadway, and children’s theater are just a few of the many performing art forms that may be found here.

Watching a show at this antique theater is made twice as much fun because of the unique atmosphere it provides.

In addition, this theater is a popular choice for private functions, such as weddings and other family reunions and festivities.

The Warnors Theater in Fresno is one of the top activities for couples to do in the city.

Don’t like movies but still want to see some of Fresno’s architectural wonders?

It’s still an excellent idea to check out Warnors Theater!

The theater includes a magnificent pipe organ with 1,035 pipes, 720 keys, and pistons to admire.

Address: 1400 Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States

Woodward Regional Park

Woodward Regional Park Fresno California

In the West Valley of California, Fresno’s Woodward Park is the region’s largest park of its sort. There are few better places to spend a day in Fresno than the 300-acre Woodward Park.

Because of the enormous lake, a few ponds, and several walkways, there is something for everyone to do.

Head to one of the park’s wooded areas and set up a picnic or grill for the day.

In addition, the Woodward Park Area has more than five miles of walking routes, some of which connect to the well-known Lewis S. Eaton Trail. For the most part, the consensus is that he successfully established a tranquil haven for park visitors.

In addition, a wonderful bird refuge is just a short drive away.

Disc golf and fitness courses, dog parks, and beautiful picnics in one of the numerous approved sites are among the most commonplace options.

Address: 7775 Friant Rd., Fresno, California, USA