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Best Places To Visit In Orange County, California

Below is our list of best places to visit & things to do in Orange County California

best places to go in Orange County California

Bowers Museum

Bowers Museum Orange County California

What’s this, a trip to the museum? A place to celebrate, perhaps? A visit to the Bowers Museum is just what you’ll need.

In Orange County, the Bowers Museum is one of the area’s best museums, and it’s a terrific place to learn about the local culture.

Since 1992, the Bowers Museum has been voted Orange County’s “Best Museum” by the Orange County Register.

After spending a day in this location, you’ll understand why so many people enjoy it.

People from all around the world are celebrated in the Bowers Museum.

There is currently an exhibition of artwork from Native Americans, Ancient Chinese, and Pacific Island cultures.

If you’re curious about what makes each culture unique and beautiful, you should visit this museum.

It is the ideal location in Orange County for a memorable occasion.

The Bowers Museum is the ideal location for a memorable celebration.

Address: 2002 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92706, USA

Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park, Orange, City, California

Crystal Cove State Park, Orange, City, California / Mitch Barrie / Flickr

A visit to Crystal Cove State Park will bring out your adventurer.

Crystal Cove State Park, one of the few remaining natural seafronts in Orange County, is worth a visit.

Crystal Cove State Park is a peaceful haven from the commotion of Southern California’s other attractions.

The park’s 15 kilometers of trails range from easy to challenging.

For those looking for something a little more adventurous, Crystal Cove State Park has something for everyone.

Hikers, bikers, and even horses will find enough to do in Crystal Cove State Park’s many paths, while the park’s beaches and the offshore deepwater zone will appeal to those who enjoy the ocean.

Kayaking, surfing, and scuba diving are just a few available activities.

For history buffs, the park has a nationally recognized historic area.

Guests will also be able to see a replica of a mid-20th-century seaside town.

It will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Address: 8471 N Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA

Discovery Cube Orange County

Discovery Cube Orange County California

Take your kids to the Discovery Cube Orange County and show them how much they can accomplish!

To educate, excite, and fascinate children of any age through exhibitions, lectures, museums, research facilities, and other educational and entertaining activities, Discovery Cube has three primary goals:

One of the most important lessons parents can teach their children is to let them explore their interests and discover new things independently.

The Discovery Cube, one of Orange County’s most popular family attractions, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The attractions address various issues, including saving space, conserving water, and eating well.

The goal is to ensure that your children will have a good time while learning something new through these activities.

There are many fantastic ways to use this attraction, including birthday parties, school field trips, and allowing children to discover new and exciting things.

An oasis of joy and wonderment awaits you.

Aside from the fact that it’s a terrific place to learn, it’s the most pleasing aspect.

Address: 2500 N. Main Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705


Disneyland, Orange, City, California

Disneyland, Orange, City, California / Barry Mulling / Flickr

Interested in learning more about what the world’s most fascinating location has to offer?

The world’s most fascinating place, Disneyland, will come to life with rollercoasters, cartoon characters, gourmet cuisine, and interactive play zones for children of all ages to enjoy.

For visitors of all ages, it’s an entertaining experience that includes both familiar and new attractions.

Everyone can find a place to stay at Disneyland, no matter their budget. Disneyland offers low-cost hotel rooms, classic theme park meals, and everything in between.

This summer, plan a trip with your family and have a time you’ll never forget.

In addition to Splash Mountain and Star Tours, Disneyland also has Space Mountain.

You may also run across some of your favourite cartoon characters, such as Mickey Mouse.

Awe-inspiring is an understatement for this site.

Make your journey easier by staying at one of the Disneyland Resort Hotels.

Address: 1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802, USA

Doheny State Beach

Doheny State Beach Orange County California

Seeing the crashing of the waves on the sand or the setting sun over the water may grow monotonous if you live near a beach.

You can’t beat Doheny State Beach when it comes to hands-on learning. You can learn about local fauna at this Orange County beach.

Animals of the local fauna, such as birds and fish, are included in this section.

Underwater, you may see dolphins, sea breams, and starfish. It is possible to view Egyptian geese and pelicans in the area.

There’s no better location to learn about conservation than Doheny State Park, regardless of whether you’ve ever heard of it.

Animal welfare is essential if we want to preserve the diversity of life on Earth’s landmasses and oceans.

It is a beautiful destination for a family holiday.

Address: 25300 Dana Point Harbor Dr, Dana Point, CA 92629, USA

El Moro Canyon Loop Trail

El Moro Canyon Loop Trail Orange County California

El Moro Canyon Loop Trail calls for plenty of energy drinks and sunscreen.

Check out the El Moro Canyon Loop Trail if you’re a serious hiker.

As a result of its proximity to Laguna Beach, El Moro is easy to get about.

Because it’s just five miles long, it’s not too difficult to go around.

Walking or riding a horse are the only options for this journey.

Prepare for the weather by dressing appropriately and wearing strong hiking shoes, for example.

Bring sunscreen and a water bottle. You may be exposed to high heat and lack of shelter on the way.

Keep an eye out for the area’s infamous rattlesnakes and mountain lions.

As you make your way along this picturesque walk, the seashore and wildflowers will greet you.

This hike should be on your list of things to do. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Address: 8471 N Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA

Fullerton Arboretum

Fullerton Arboretum Orange County California

Take a walk in the woods.

To observe trees and other plants in their natural setting, visit the Fullerton Arboretum.

Plants from around the world grow in this 26-acre botanical garden near Fullerton, California.

Besides being the most extensive botanical garden in Orange County, the Arboretum’s primary mission is to protect and preserve rare and endangered species.

All the plants you see will be a tripping hazard for you.

Animals may be the first item that springs to mind when discussing endangered species.

However, a diverse range of plants is at risk of extinction.

For the sake of these species, the Fullerton Arboretum is essential.

Visitors can explore the collection at their own pace in four distinct areas: Cultivated, Woodlands, Mediterranean, and Desert.

If you’re interested in flora, this is an excellent place for a field trip. A unique fruit grove, as well as cycad and conifer collections, may all be found here.

Attendance is open to everyone, regardless of age or background.

Address: 1900 Associated Rd, Fullerton, CA 92831, USA

Huntington City Beach

Huntington City Beach, Orange City, California

Huntington City Beach, Orange City, California / troy_williams / Flickr

Take a vacation and go surfing!

If you’re a surfer, Huntington City Beach is a must-see!

Huntington Beach, sometimes known as “Surf City USA,” is a popular tourist destination in Orange County and widely regarded as the best beach in the area.

Huntington City Beach is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or done.

There are no limits to what you can do while having fun, especially when you’re out in the sun and the surf. The waves here are world-class, so bring your board if you want to ride them.

Another popular pastime is beach volleyball, which can also be found on the island.

The most incredible time to visit Huntington City Beach at night is just as the sun is setting.

It is where you’ll find the Huntington Beach Pier. The hues of the California sunset you witnessed from this vantage point will stay with you forever.

This beach is a must-see, especially if you’re travelling with children.

Address: 315 Pacific Coast Hwy, Main Street & Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA 92648-5161, USA

Knott’s Berry Farm


It’s more than simply a fruit-gathering destination.

At first, it was a little family farm, but today it has developed into an amusement park and a Wild West ghost town.

Just a few fun things to do at Knott’s Berry Farm are the Timber Mountain Log Ride, the Silver Bullet, and the Xcelerator.

You can still have a great day if you’re not a lover of rides.

An old ghost town has been recreated for tourists to see.

There’s little doubt that the food at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant is top-notch.

Knott’s Berry Farm will be available as soon as the gates open, and you may stay and play there until the sun sets.

There are many things to do in the neighbourhood.

A trip to Knott’s Berry Farm is a must if you’re ever in the state of California again.

Address: 8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620, USA

Knott’s Soak City

Knott's Soak City Orange County California

You’re going to get drenched.

There is no better place to chill off than Knott’s Soak City!

When it’s hot outside, and you’d want to cool down in the water instead of the rides at Knott’s Berry Farm, head to Knott’s Soak City instead.

“Knott’s Soak City” conjures up visions of water slides and other summertime activities.

They’re all about the water, so you’ll get a lot of fun out of them.

This is one of the best things to do in Orange County: Knott’s Soak City.

Knott’s Soak City features something for everyone: a water slide, a wave pool, or a cabana.

There are few places where cooling off can be as delightful as this.

Over 10 water slides await guests of all ages at Knott’s Soak City.

If you want to relax by the pool, semi-private cabanas are available for rent.

Each cabana may seat up to eight people and has extra amenities.

Soak City and Knott’s Berry Farm are directly next door, so you can easily visit both on the same day.

Address: 8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620, USA

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Mission San Juan Capistrano Orange County California

Visit Mission San Juan Capistrano to express your spirituality or appreciate its architectural beauty!

On October 30, 1775, Father Lasuen founded the Mission San Juan Capistrano in California. Since then, it has been a destination of culture, history, and religious significance.

The Mission has been an essential source of inspiration for the people of California for over a century.

Art displays and conservation, cinematography and photography, and high-profile events and gatherings have taken place at the Mission recently.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Christian or not; the Mission San Juan Capistrano offers something for everyone.

There are guided and self-guided tours available.

In addition, there is some artwork on display.

Hosting them at this mission is an excellent option to make your important occasions even more memorable.

It’s nice to stand there and take in the historical architecture and the clear blue sky surrounding this Orange County mission.

Address: 26801 Ortega Hwy, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675, USA

OC Brewery Tours

OC Brewery Tours Orange County California

During your OC Brewery Tours experience, do your best to remain sober.

OC Brewery Tours is one of the several luxury trips offered by Pacific Entertainment Network.

As part of OC Brewery Tours, the company provides accessible bundles and services that make it easier to visit breweries in many Orange County locations.

A round-trip shuttle service from your home or workplace to the brewery and return is included when you book a tour with OC Brewery Tours.

A wide range of trip choices is available, from basic to all-inclusive, to suit customers’ needs.

You don’t have to pick between breweries on an OC Brewery Tour with OC Brewery Tours.

On a single journey, two or three breweries can be seen.

Stops include Beachwood Brewing, Lost Winds, and All American Ale Works.

The best way to experience the region’s breweries, history and customs are to take a weekend excursion.

Address: Costa Mesa, California

Old Courthouse Museum

Old Courthouse Museum Orange County California

Find out how Orange County came to be by looking back through time!

You may do precisely that at the Old Courthouse Museum.

Explore exhibits at California’s oldest courthouse that show how much has changed in Orange County and the rest of the state.

The oldest courtroom in Southern California, the Old Orange County Courthouse, has witnessed many events that helped shape Orange County as we know it today.

The county’s administrative headquarters have been housed in this granite and sandstone building since its erection in 1901.

Restored to its full splendour, the 30,000-square-foot building seemed much as it does now in the early 1900s.

Some government buildings and the Orange County History Center can be found (including the Old Courthouse Museum and the Orange County Archives).

The National Register of Historic Places has listed the building. The state of California has designated it a historic site.

If you’re in the Orange County area, don’t miss this!

Address: 211 W Santa Ana Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92701, USA

Orange County Great Park

Orange County Great Park California

Got kids?

The Orange County Great Park is the place you’re looking for!

It is a 1,300-acre park in Irvine, California, that serves as a hub for the arts, activities, and entertainment.

Orange County Great Park is unquestionably among the best as one of California’s most beautiful parks.

There are so many things to do here that you may question whether there is a place back home that even comes close.

Farmer’s market, an amusement park, and a sports and fitness complex are just a few of the numerous things to do in the area.

For those who want to view the world differently, the Great Park Balloon attraction provides a 400-foot-high balloon ride.

Orange County Great Park has something for everyone with various events and activities.

The park’s essential parts are open every day, but sure of the park’s particular amenities are only available for a limited amount of time each day.

Address: 8000 Great Park Boulevard, Irvine, CA 92618, USA

Orange County Zoo

Orange County Zoo, Orange City California

Orange County Zoo, Orange City, California / Rian Castillo / Flickr

If you love animals, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the Orange County Zoo!

The Orange County Zoo is home to a diverse collection of animals, plants, and other wildlife that can only be found in the American southwest.

Many of the animals were rescued from being neglected or severely harmed.

Their new home at the Orange County Zoo shows them that people out there care for them.

Visitors may see bald eagles, mountain lions, ocelots, and porcupines in the zoo.

With the help of an expert guide, visitors may learn about the park’s various animals and the region’s local species while touring the zoo.

Hands-on activities for toddlers and young children are also available, along with bird-related educational events and storytimes under the oak trees.

Families may participate in the zoo’s barnyard, where they can feed the animals.

This zoo is a beautiful place to spend time with your family.

Address: 1 Irvine Park Rd, Orange, CA 92869, USA

Pageant of the Masters

Pageant of the Masters Orange County California

There is no need even to consider blinking!

Every moment in the Pageant of Masters is breathtakingly beautiful.

The inaugural Laguna Festival of the Arts was organized by John Hinchman, a local artist, and ran from August 13-20, 1932.

The first public performance of the Pageant took place in 1933. Because of this, the two events have been held each summer since.

The Festival was held in front of the Hotel Laguna on El Paseo. The Festival moved around a lot during the next seven years.

Art is celebrated magnificently during the Pageant of the Masters in Orange County.

When you see these artworks come to life, you won’t believe your eyes.

It’s impossible to tell if these models are acting or not.

When you view it, you’ll be thrilled by the material and the music and story accompanying it.

Address: 650 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA

Pretend City Children’s Museum

Pretend City Children's Museum Orange County

Pretend City Children’s Museum lets you see your children’s future professional lives.

Pretend City Children’s Museum offers educational and entertaining activities for children of all ages.

As a result, students will better understand the world around them by immersing themselves in reading, arithmetic, and problem-solving.

For youngsters, there is a wide range of imaginative play situations to choose from.

It’s an excellent way for your kids to learn about the world around them while having a lot of fun pretending to run cafes, banks, grocery stores, and other businesses.

Youngsters will learn about science via fun activities like floating and sinking things in the marina.

A membership pass allows visitors to Pretend City to enter for free every day.

If you’re travelling with children, this is one of the best spots.

It’s one of the best places in the county to bring your kids to be inspired.

The Pretend City Children’s Museum may be the highlight of your trip.

Address: 29 Hubble, Irvine, CA 92618, USA

Salt Creek Beach Park

Salt Creek Beach Park, Orange city, California

Salt Creek Beach Park, Orange City, California / OCParks_CA / Flickr

Check out Salt Creek Beach Park and get into the tidal rhythm!

Many surfers go to Salt Creek Beach Park, Pacific Coast Highway.

A little reef off Hawaii’s coast creates enormous waves ideal for surfing and other water sports.

Swimming, bodysurfing, exploring tidepools and relaxing on the beach’s sand are all options for those who visit Salt Creek.

In the vicinity, it’s essential to catch some waves here.

In Orange County, California, you’ll see the giant surf you’ve ever seen.

Pastimes like swimming and boogieboarding are entertaining for individuals who aren’t interested in surfing.

It’s possible to enjoy some time in the sun even if you’re not swimming.

A picnic or a game of Frisbee may also be a fun way to spend time with friends.

There is no better place to spend a day than Salt Creek Beach Park.

Food, drinks, and beach essentials like sunscreen and towels may be purchased from a food stand throughout the summer.

Address: 33333 Pacific Coast Hwy, Dana Point, CA 92629, USA

The Ranch

The Ranch, Orange City, California

The Ranch, Orange City, California / Bonnie Moreland / Flickr

The Ranch is a great place to eat, so put on your suit and tie!

The Ranch Saloon across the street from Extron Electronics’ South Anaheim offices delivers delicious meals and country music.

The Ranch, one of Orange County’s top restaurants, is more than just a great place to eat.

It is an excellent spot if you’re looking for an authentic taste of Western America.

An elegant granite bar top and dark oak banquettes accent the dining room’s center.

Private dining and event spaces are located on the Ranch’s sixth floor.

As a result, they have earned a stellar reputation for serving only the best cuts from their organic farm and a variety of fish, poultry, and vegetables.

They have a wine cellar with 14,000 bottles of the best wine in the world!

There is no doubt that you will enjoy your meal here.

Address: 1025 E Ball Rd #101A, Anaheim, CA 92805, USA