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Best Places To Visit In Long Beach, California

Below is our list of best places to visit & things to do in Long Beach California

Best places to go in Long Beach California

Aquarium of the Pacific

Aquarium of the Pacific Long Beach

Aquarium of the Pacific Long Beach / TroysPhotos / Flickr

Dive into the Pacific Ocean, where awe-inspiring marine life awaits!

The Aquarium of the Pacific, Southern California’s largest and most popular aquarium, is home to hundreds of creatures.

The Aquarium of the Pacific houses over 12,000 marine animals and 100 exhibits.

They carefully chose these exhibits to show how different animals adapt to their surroundings.

The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach is a great place to get up and close with some fascinating creatures.

Visitors will be able to learn fascinating details about them due to this.

However, you’re unlikely to see them there unless you go scuba diving or snorkelling.

Introducing your children to the fascinating world of marine life is an excellent method.

Long Beach’s Aquarium of the Pacific is a well-known destination for tourists.

Visitors to Moon Jelly’s Touch Lab at Moon Jelly, The Lorikeet Forest, and Shark Lagoon are some of the most popular attractions for families.

Visitors may take advantage of their exclusive offers, such as encounters with octopuses, penguins, sea otters, and seals, which are sure to be unforgettable.

Address: 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States

Bluff Park

Bluff Park Long Beach

Bluff Park Long Beach / John Vetterli / Flickr

They aren’t making a joke if somebody tells you this is a beautiful park.

Despite the park’s 13-acre expanse of lush greenery and towering trees, the view of the ocean means it doesn’t require anything else.

As the waves break and the palm palms tower above you, you may find peace and tranquillity at Bluff Park, a former military installation.

It’s a great way to remember those who fought and continue to fight now.

Long Beach, California, has a memorial honouring the Navy’s contribution to the city.

Bluff Park is home to the Museum of Art, also located there.

Artwork from the Long Beach Museum of Art in the park’s northern section enhances the breathtaking perspective of the area’s boundary. The Long Beach Museum of Art

To get the most out of your visit to the museum, be sure to take in the surroundings.

In Bluff Park, land and sea meet in an awe-inspiring way.

Bluff Park is a great place to go if you’re searching for something to do.

Address: Ocean Blvd & Redondo Ave, Long Beach, CA 90803, United States

Downtown Long Beach

Downtown Long Beach

Downtown Long Beach / KSDiaz / Flickr

Downtown Long Beach is jam-packed with everything you’d expect from a big metropolis.

Great outdoor activities, exciting nightlife, and much more await you in this vibrant city.

One of the most excellent parts of the city to see is the Waterfront. There are a lot of great streets and eateries in this area.

Getting about on foot or bike is also a great option.

There is a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and shops in downtown Long Beach.

From Downtown Waterfront’s enticing sector, this historic road continues throughout the rest of the city.

Pine Avenue is a street filled with eateries worldwide, including L’Opera Ristorante and Greek Café.

The district’s excellent bike routes make it ideal for walking and bicycling.

“Art Walk” in Long Beach is a magnet for artists, and downtown is a city that never sleeps, thanks to its bright lights.

It’s a heart-stopping competition yearly at the Grand Prix, where long-wheelbase automobiles take center stage.

It is the vehicle competition that is the most significant event to take place in downtown Long Beach.

As a whole, there are various ways you might spend your time in the area.

Enjoy your day, and consider visiting Downtown Long Beach while you’re there.

Address: Pine Avenue E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, CA, United States

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden Long Beach

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden Long Beach / mark6mauno / Flickr

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden in California is an excellent place to visit if you’re fascinated by Japanese culture.

Within the garden’s 1.3-acre environment, a meandering road connects many picturesque park features, including a koi pond, ornamental bridges, and pagodas.

Since its establishment in 1981, the stunning gardens have taken inspiration from Imperial Gardens in Tokyo and meticulously manicured them.

It’s a big lure for those who want to learn more about Japanese culture.

This center is an excellent place to start if you want to discover something new about yourself.

This Japanese garden on the campus of California State University, Long Beach, does not require any prior understanding of Japanese gardens.

On the other hand, the tranquillity of their koi pond and pagodas beckons.

If you’re practising meditation, here is a great spot to hone your focus and focus on your inner dialogue.

In addition, there are other annual cultural events, such as ikebana workshops, chrysanthemum slows, and koi auctions, that you may take part in.

While strolling around the quiet garden, stop to take a few selfies.

Address: Earl Warren Dr, Long Beach, CA 90840, United States

El Dorado Nature Center


One of the nicest areas of Long Beach is El Dorado Nature Center, which covers 105 acres and boasts a fairytale-like setting.

Children and adults alike will enjoy the many activities offered at this National Gold Medal Award-winning facility.

You’ll be able to discover the peace you want right here.

At the El Dorado Nature Center, a walk in the woods is an excellent way to unwind.

You may witness a wide variety of native tree and flower species in this area.

Hiking boots are a must, and you’ll want to pick a path that interests you the most.

El Dorado West City Park, on the other side of the San Gabriel River, is an 18-hole disc golf course that is quite popular.

Two stocked fishing lakes, picnic areas, a model aircraft flying field, and playgrounds are accessible through a four-mile bike and pedestrian trail that winds through the park.

Animal lovers will delight at the El Dorado Dog Park, while nature lovers will appreciate the El Dorado Nature Center, which features exhibits and artwork created by local artists.

You must spend time in tranquil places, like the El Dorado Nature Center.

Nature has a lot to offer, and you can use it while you’re here.

Address: 7550 E Spring St, Long Beach, CA 90815, United States

Ferry to Catalina Island

Ferry to Catalina Island Long Beach

Ferry to Catalina Island Long Beach / Bogdan Migulski / Flickr

Embrace your inner child and let yourself be fascinated by the mystical island that lies just off the coast of a faraway land mass.

Catalina Island, off the coast of Southern California for about 22 miles, is a scenic respite from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

Famous in the 1920s as a Hollywood filming location and a fashionable vacation island, the little island was owned by William Wrigley, Jr.

The aquarium’s boat journey to Catalina Island begins from Downtown Long Beach’s Waterfront neighbourhood, a popular starting location for an adventure-filled boat trip.

Near Long Beach, there are many intriguing things to see and do.

It’s a great place to spend the day.

The boat voyage is quick and relaxing, and I highly recommend it.

Taking the Catalina Express to Catalina Island is fun to do while in town.

It’s an hour’s trip from Long Beach to the beautiful island, but the journey is just as pleasurable as the destination.

Catalina Island is a popular tourist destination in Los Angeles because of its oceanside eating, international air connections, and posh hotels.

Ride the Catalina Express to Catalina Island and see all the island offers!

Address: 320 Golden Shore, Long Beach, California

Grand Prix of Long Beach

Grand Prix of Long Beach

Grand Prix of Long Beach / Moto “Club4AG” Miwa / Flickr

If you seek speed, Long Beach is the place to go.

At least 40 street races have been started and abandoned since the Long Beach Grand Prix was first held in the 1970s.

If you’re searching for a challenge, we propose taking up auto racing as a hobby.

A great way to tour the city and have a lot of fun at the same time!

For more than four decades, the IndyCar Series has hosted the Grand Prix, showcasing some of the world’s most impressive automobiles and drivers.

An annual street race transforms the downtown area into a racing track.

In addition to the race, there will be lots of food, the opportunity to view unique automobiles up close, and fantastic music to enjoy.

Attend for at least one of the three days, as it is a three-day event.

The Long Beach Grand Prix is entertaining, even if you’re not an auto racing fan.

There’s much to see and do here, not just the magnificent vehicles and circuits.

The sight of automobiles whizzing by at such a high rate of speed in a city center is breathtaking.

Take advantage of the opportunity to attend the Long Beach Grand Prix.

Address: Parking lot, W Shoreline Dr, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States

L’Opera Ristorante

L’Opera Ristorante Long Beach California

If you’re in the mood for a taste of traditional and contemporary cuisine. You can’t beat L’Opera Ristorante (Italian) in terms of quality!

There should be at least one meal on your trip that will blow your mind with how good it is.

More than two decades of award-winning Italian cuisine!

In downtown Long Beach’s historic clock tower structure at First Street and Pine Avenue, L’Opera first opened its doors in the year 1990.

In Long Beach, California, there are several venues where you may get that feeling.

However, L’Opera Ristorante stands out in a city packed with excellent restaurants.

It’s in the city’s heart and serves comfort food with a modern twist.

Chef Walter Cotta’s creations are so gorgeously presented that eating even a tiny amount of them almost feels like a shame.

The problem is that after the first bite, you’ll be itching for the next.

All of the praise that L’Opera Ristorante has received is well-deserved.

This eatery is a must-see with its famed ravioli, spaghetti, and focaccia bread.

Address: 101 Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States

Long Beach Antique Market

Long Beach Antique Market Long Beach California

An absolute must-see for all shoppers.

When it first debuted in 1982, it was regarded as one of the top 10 US flea markets.

The Long Beach Antique Market is a must-see for a weekend escape in Long Beach.

At this event, over 800 merchants sell a wide range of antiques and collectables at discount rates.

It’s even more special because the market only opens once a week, making it much more special.

You’re sure to find something ordinary at this antique market.

On the third Sunday of every month, Long Beach, California, USA, has an outdoor antique and collectable market.

Hours before the market opens, people wait in line.

The variety of goods is a big draw for residents and visitors alike.

Among the treasures, you’ll discover while perusing this market are unique antiques worthy of display in your home.

The Long Beach Antiques Market is a must-see a tourist destination in California.

Over 20 acres of antiques and collectables are offered wholesale every month.

Because of its vast assortment, low pricing, and high-quality products, the neighbourhood is a popular shopping destination for celebrities.

Address: 4901 E Conant St, Long Beach, CA 90808, United States

Long Beach Bayou Festival

Long Beach Bayou Festival Long Beach

Long Beach Bayou Festival Long Beach / Clotee Pridgen Allochuku / Flickr

During Mardi Gras, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back to Bourbon Street, replete with a Mardi Gras parade.

The Bayou Festival in Long Beach, which has been going strong for almost three decades, is an excellent way for the city to show off its many varied styles.

When in California, there’s nothing better than attending Long Beach’s yearly festivities.

The Long Beach Bayou Festival is one of these unforgettable events.

See how the city of Long Beach pays contributes to other locales by doing these activities while you’re there.

Long Beach takes on the persona of New Orleans for a short weekend in June, and it does so flawlessly.

You’d expect outstanding cuisine and great music from a Bayou Festival.

In addition, kids will appreciate the “Kids Corner,” where they can take dancing lessons and get their faces painted.

Even if you don’t wish to participate in the festivities, the Bayou Festival is a pleasure to watch.

A crawfish eating contest and live performances by jazz musicians round off the festivities.

Long Beach Bayou Festival is a great way to show your appreciation for live music.

Address: 3505 Long Beach Blvd #2g, Long Beach, CA 90807, United States

Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center

Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center Long Beach

Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center Long Beach / Sergei Gussev / Flickr

Make plans to visit the Long Beach Convention Center.

With a 400,000-square-foot exhibit hall, a plaza, and theaters, the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center is the city’s primary venue for major events.

The Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center should be your first choice to host an event.

More than 9.1 acres of exhibit space await you at the museum.

There is also a theater and a court square to keep you amused.

The Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center is a must-see in downtown Long Beach.

There have been several essential events held there, and it’s a beautiful location.

As a result, this is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.

It’s hard to beat the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center as a location for major events.

You can enjoy it even if you don’t plan to participate in specific events.

The center’s glass facade and massive structure make it a piece of art in and of itself.

Wandering around downtown and looking for exciting things to see and do?

With so much going on in Long Beach’s convention center, something that isn’t being covered may be happening. Be curious, and don’t stop wandering!

Address: 300 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States

Museum of Latin American Art

Museum of Latin American Art Long Beach California

Check out the only museum in the United States devoted entirely to modern Latin American art.

Long Beach, California’s Museum of Latin American Art, is a must-see.

It pays homage to Latin American culture and heritage.

Outside the museum, there is a 15,000-square-foot Sculpture Garden with a rotating collection of artworks.

Some of the facts you should master are about one of the most prominent Latin American artists and their remarkable works.

At the lively and fun museum, you’ll never run out of things to do.

The Museum of Latin American Art is the only place in the country. Therefore this is huge.

The MOLAA has grown significantly since its foundation in 1996.

Day of the Dead and other Latin American cultural traditions are included in the exhibits.

If you want to learn more about Latin American art, stop by the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach.

Long Beach is the place to go if you’re searching for a weekend escape to keep you occupied.

The East Village Arts District is home to the MOLAA, a museum devoted to Latin American art.

Remember to check out the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) to learn more about Latin American art.

Address: 628 Alamitos Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States


Naples Long Beach

Naples Long Beach / Carlo Raso / Flickr

Discover the best of the Italian way of life in all its opulence.

Long Beach’s Naples neighbourhood, named after one of Italy’s most gorgeous towns, is a must-see.

It’s a beautiful place to visit, with its picture-perfect streets, canals, and magnificent residences.

Most of the streets in this affluent section of Long Beach’s southeast are named after Italian cities, including Naples.

The heart of Naples is surrounded by multi-million dollar residences and street names that reflect the neighbourhood’s Italian culture, creating a beautifully planted plaza.

You may feel like you’ve travelled to Italy during your California vacation.

Located on three islands connected by canals, it is a beautiful community.

There are a wide variety of things to do in Naples.

To stay with the Italian atmosphere, take a Gondola Getaway trip.

Several excellent options are nearby if you don’t want to eat or buy.

When you’re in the area, the Pacific Ocean is particularly stunning.

As a whole, Naples has a wide variety of ways in which it might amaze you.

A few hours is hardly a lot of time, but the memories you make there will last a lifetime.

Address: Long Beach, CA 90803, United States

Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site

Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site Long Beach California

Is there anything you’d want to know about the rich history of Mexican, American, and Spanish California? Take a walk around the historic site.

At some point before 1844, John Temple married an heir to the Nieto family of land grant grantees in 1784 and erected a single-story ranch home on their land.

These families facilitated Southern California’s transition from a rural to urban civilization.

Los Cerritos Ranch House is a great spot to learn about the history and culture of the local area.

Late 1800s estates were heavily impacted by Spanish and Mexican culture, and this display shows how they were.

It examines an era in American history that is rarely mentioned or recognized yet is essential to keep in mind.

There is a lot to discover and take in at the Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site.

At the Historic Site, you’ll find various fascinating artefacts.

It is where you’ll find everything you need, from clothes to legal paperwork.

Our Mother’s Day Tea and other unique events at Creation Station bring families together.

The finest thing you can do in Long Beach without spending much money plans a trip to the site.

Address: 4600 Virginia Rd, Long Beach, CA 90807, United States

Shoreline Village

Shoreline Village Long Beach

Shoreline Village Long Beach / Tom Ipri / Flickr

Nothing beats Shoreline Village as a location to become disoriented.

It’s one of California’s most lovely places.

Shoreline Village is much more convenient on the shores of Rainbow Harbor’s glistening waters.

From downtown, you can walk to the city’s lively boardwalk, where you’ll find souvenir stores, charming cafés, seafood restaurants, and various exciting businesses.

Famous for its fresh seafood and magnificent harbour views, the historic Parkers’ Lighthouse restaurant is a must-visit for seafood lovers.

Shoreline Village has a wide variety of entertainment options.

The beachfront community of Shoreline Village exemplifies the best of what a boardwalk community can offer.

Many unique independent stores and restaurants can be spotted in the waterfront area.

Skating is only one of the many games and activities youngsters may participate in at this location.

See if you can glimpse the sun setting over the water at Shoreline Village.

Play arcade games, listen to music, cycle or skate along the boardwalk, or relax on the beach.

You may plan your journey to Shoreline Village and take the breathtaking sights.

Address: 429 Shoreline Village Drive, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States

The Great Sand Sculpture Contest

The Great Sand Sculpture Contest Long Beach California

Do you wish you could return and be a child again? Try this massive recreation of your favourite pastime to bring out the architect.

If your first exposure to sand sculpting has been a crude castle constructed mainly from upturned buckets of sand, be ready to be astounded.

In the Great Sand Sculpture Contest, even the tiniest sand particles are used to exhibit ingenuity and tenacity.

We’ve been anticipating this competition for almost 80 years.

These sculptures are as well crafted as the finest marble or bronze figures.

It’s usually a buzz on Granada Beach, where the festival takes place, not only because of all the fantastic sculptures.

The Great Sand Sculpture Contest is precisely what its name implies.

This annual event gathers over 10,000 people and generates thousands of dollars for many charitable organizations, including the Long Beach Library Foundation and Ronald McDonald House.

There is a kid zone, a beach bar, sand sculptures, a vendor gallery, and live music to keep the whole family entertained.

Plan a trip with your loved ones and create lifelong memories.

Address: 5101 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90803

The Laugh Factory

The Laugh Factory Long beach

The Laugh Factory Long beach / Tony Mariotti / Flickr

Let go and have a good time with the people around you.

The Laugh Factory started in the year 1979. For more than three decades, the Laugh Factory has been voted the best comedy club in the United States by magazines like USA Today.

If you’re a fan of stand-up, then Long Beach is the place for you.

The Laugh Factory has hosted a few well-known comedians.

You may find yourself chuckling in a way you didn’t know you were capable of at the Long Beach club.

Bobby Lee, Daniel Tosh, Tiffany Haddish, and Dave Chappelle performed their stand-up routines at the Laugh Factory.

Because of this, the Laugh Factory is a popular destination for both residents and tourists alike.

If you are looking for a good chuckle, the Laugh Factory should be on your list of things to visit in Long Beach.

It is a great spot to catch a standout performance from your favourite comedians.

Visit their website and book your seats.

Address: 151 S Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States

The Pike Outlets

The Pike Outlets Long Beach

The Pike Outlets Long Beach / KSDiaz / Flickr

Is your mood sour lately? Observe the sunset from the top of the Ferris wheel, illuminated by city lights as the sun sets.

The mall has terrific shops and entertainment options spanning over 344,000 square feet.

The Pike Outlets may be found in coastal areas such as Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Every year, about 1.6 million people travel to this tourist hotspot.

Outdoor entertainment, nightlife, and eating are all available at the Outlet.

They provide an abundance of shopping options. Many big-name businesses are featured in the directory, making it a popular shopping destination.

It’s also a great place to eat, from fast food to fine dining options.

Visitors may have a romantic date night thanks to a comedy club, movie theater, renowned Ferris wheel, and carousel.

It is the perfect time to relax and unwind with friends over a beer or dinner while taking in the scenery after an exhausting shopping day.

Address: 95 S. Pine Ave. Long Beach, California 90802.

The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary Long Beach

The Queen Mary Long Beach / Bernard Spragg. NZ / Flickr

Many important twentieth-century people were allowed to stay on board the Queen Mary, which was far larger than the Titanic.

As a ship, the Queen Mary was little more than a vessel.

It was once the most luxurious ocean liner in the Pacific. This vessel sailed in 1936 from Southampton, England, and became an immediate hit.

Thousands of visitors and troops flocked aboard The Queen Mary during World War II as the luxury cruise liner actively engaged in the conflict.

Winston Churchill and Clark Gable are only two of the famous people that landed aboard the ship.

Even though it is no longer a ship, visitors to Long Beach can still have a look while it is berthed there.

Tourists can stay for a few days at the property as a luxury hotel.

In addition to the ship’s fascinating history, a museum is dedicated to it.

Restaurants and retail establishments may be found close by.

Decommissioning the ship was a perfect opportunity to make the best of a potentially tricky scenario.

As one of the most spectacular ships ever built, the Queen Mary has grown into one of the most popular attractions in Long Beach, California.

It’s worth renting a room if you fall in love with it!

Address: 1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States

The Walter Pyramid

The Walter Pyramid Long Beach

The Walter Pyramid Long Beach / Matthew Dillon / Flickr

What if you can’t make it to Egypt but still want to view the pyramids? Take a look at North America’s largest space-frame structure.

It is one of just four mathematically precise pyramids in the country that opened in 1994.

A cutting-edge arena is housed in a cobalt-blue building over 18 floors high.

The Walter Pyramid, a 5,000-seat indoor arena, is the home of the Long Beach State University 49ers.

Basketball and volleyball games are only two of the numerous enjoyable athletic events you may participate in at this location.

When the sun is shining, it’s a magnificent sight.

On the surface, it’s one of Long Beach’s most magnificent sights, and the more time you spend there, the more impressive it becomes.

Long Beach’s California State University campus covers an area of more than 320 acres on the east side of the city.

There are roughly 38,000 students in the school, which is located in a beautiful zip code.

Students and visitors enjoy the amount of space and culture on campus, including several events and places to visit.

You should include the Walter Pyramid in your tourist plans.

Address: 1250 N Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90840, United States